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Teaching and Assessment

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The primary lecturer on the Coastal Academy courses will vary depending on the dates chosen and lecturer availability. The primary lecturer will be a suitably qualified and experienced individual, with expertise in a relevant subject area. Ideally, the lecturer will speak both French and English fluently and will be able to run both classes; should this not be the case, a qualified member of Coastal Academy staff will translate and give the lecture as necessary, and the two classes will join together for translator-facilitated discussions, field trips and activities, allowing students to learn from and with each other, and ensuring all students benefit from the expertise of the primary lecturer.

Lecturers on previous Coastal Academy courses include:


Current positions:
Research Professor in Environmental and Natural Sciences, University of AntsirananaDr Landy Soambola
Consultant to World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) – evaluating vulnerability; development of strategy and capacity for adaptation to climate change in the Diana region.
Consultant to Conservation International (CI) – Implementation of Marine Protected Areas

2009 – PhD: Applied Oceanography – “Bio-ecology of Hippocampus in the lagoon of the Great Reef of Toliara and Experimental breeding of Hippocampus, Syngnathus and of Amphiprions of the Indian Ocean and / or Mediterranean”  IHSM (Institut Halieutique des Sciences Marines, Tulear University), the Paul Ricard Oceanographic Institute (France) and the Aquarium de La Reunion
2003 - DEA (Advanced Studies Diploma): Applied Oceanography - Effect of lunar cycle on the output of traditional and industrial shrimp fishing in Madagascar”. IHSM (Tulear University) and P.N.R.C.(National Program of Shrimp Research)
2000 - MSc: General Oceanography, IHSM (Tulear University)
1999 - MSc: General Sciences, Mahajanga University
1998 - BSc: General Sciences, Mahajanga University


Dr Hermann Doris BENIVARYDr Benivary

Current Position:
Lecturer in Environmental and Natural Sciences, University of Antsiranana.

2009 – PhD: “Study of the  trophic structure of mesopelagic fishes using the stable isotopes Carbon and Nitrogen” University of Montpellier 2 (France)
2003 - DEA (Advanced Studies Diploma): “Contribution to the study of physical and chemical parameters of the waters in the Western Indian Ocean”, IHSM (Tulear University)
2000 – Mres: Applied Biology-Oceanography, IHSM (Tulear University)
1999 – BSc: Natural Sciences, Mahajanga University


Jery Léoness RAMINOSOA
Current position:
Teaching Assistant, Université d’Antsiranana

2008 – DEA (Advanced Studies Diploma): Biodiversity and Environment, Tuléar University
2004 – MSc: Biodiversity and Environment, Tuléar University
2003 – MSc: General Natural Sciences, Mahajanga University
2002 – BSc: General Natural Sciences, Mahajanga University



The Coastal Academy courses are designed to be academically challenging, and students are expected to attend all lectures and field trips, to participate in all class discussions and activities and to complete all set assignments.

For students on the Tropical Marine and Coastal Ecosystem Management course, all set activities will be awarded a grade from A to F. Students failing to achieve the minimum grade (D) overall, or who fail to provide a satisfactory reason for missing lectures, field trips or other activities, will be awarded a Certificate, rather than an Advanced Certificate, for the course.

For students on the Tropical Marine and Coastal Ecosystem Monitoring Methods course, there will be both practical and classroom based assessments. These will comprise the standardised Reef Check tests on species identification and on the methodology, as well as various other tests for the seagrass and mangrove monitoring methods taught.