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Advanced Certificate in Tropical Marine and Coastal Ecosystem Management

  Rufford Small Grants Foundation  


The Advanced Certificate in Tropical Marine and Coastal Ecosystem Management consists of 32 corelectures divided into four units as follows:

Unit 1: Tropical Marine & Coastal Ecosystems

Introduction to Coral Reefs

Coral Reef ecosystems: functions and threats

Introduction to Mangroves

Introduction to Seagrass Ecosystems

Threats to Seagrass and Mangrove Ecosystems

Interconnectivity of marine & coastal systems

Reef Fish and Invertebrate species identification

Mangroves and Seagrass species identification


Reef fish



Fishers with their catch

Unit 2: Human Dimensions of Marine & Coastal Ecosystems

Introduction to Fisheries

Environmental Impacts of Fishing

Fisheries bycatch part 1 : Artisanal fisheries

Fisheries bycatch part 2 : Commercial fisheries

Towards Sustainable Fisheries Management

Introduction to Aquaculture

Environmental Impacts of Aquaculture

Towards Sustainable Aquaculture

Introduction  to Climate Change

Implications of Climate Change for the Marine Environment

Tourism in the Coastal & Marine environment

Socio-economic considerations & introduction to research techniques

Unit 3: Sustainable management of marine & coastal ecosystems

Regulating human impacts on marine & coastal ecosystems

Ecosystem Restoration  1: Coral Reefs

Ecosystem Restoration  2: Mangroves and Seagrass

Introduction to Ecotourism

Effectiveness of Ecotourism

Introduction to MPAs

MPA Design and Management

Effectiveness of MPAs



A seagrass bed

A coral reef transect

Monitoring Methods in Marine and Coastal Ecosystems

Socio-economic monitoring

Coral Reef Monitoring

Mangrove Monitoring

Seagrass Monitoring

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