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Individual Donors Rufford Small Grants Foundation

There are many ways in which individuals can help support the ChameleonCoastal Academy.If you would like to make a donation, please e-mail us and in order to arrange payment.

Donors will receive a gift certificate with details of what their money has been used to purchase, a photograph and for those that sponsor one or more students through the entire course they will receive personal communication from the students that their money has helped.

If you would like to donate to the Coastal Academy as an alternative to a traditional birthday gift, wedding present or more, please contact us and we will endeavour to meet your specific needs and ensure a unique and memorable gift.

Seagrass SurveyBasic field equipment and stationery - ₤25
For ₤25, we can buy all the essential items that so often need replacing, including notebooks, pens, tape measures, scales, balances and underwater slates/paper. We want to ensure that the Coastal Academy courses really are accessible to all those who are interested, regardless of financial situation, and by supplying even the most basic items we can be sure that this is the case.
Impact: You will supply approximately 50 students per year with the basic tools they need for learning.

Text book - ₤55
Text books, particularly in remote areas where the internet connection can be very poor, and is often not available at all, are the cornerstone of learning. However, students in the area have absolutely no access to the necessary books to supplement their core classes or to even help them further their education independently. Books are extremely expensive to source and transport to the region, and so for just ₤55, you can send one critical text book out to students.
Impact: Each text book is likely to be read by approximately 50 students per year, allowing them to study independently and get the most out of their time studying at the Coastal Academy.

GPS unit - ₤125Fieldwork using GPS
In almost every aspect of conservation and natural resource management today, an understanding of global positioning systems is essential. Yet students have no exposure to this equipment, and have no opportunity to become familiar with its use and applications. By supplying a GPS unit, you will help students develop their computing and mapping skills, which is critical to give them a real chance to further their career.
Impact: Each GPS Unit will allow at least 50 students per year to practice and become confident in using the equipment for its different applications in numerous training sessions and classes. Additionally, the equipment is vital for students to learn the fundamentals of ecological monitoring and habitat mapping, which in turn helps safeguard the future of global biodiversity.

Students using laptopLaptop Computer - ₤175
IT equipment is extremely scarce in the region, and students have very little opportunity to pratice and become familiar with the use of computers and the common software that is used all over the world. This is a major obstacle to a successful career. Therefore, we want to ensure that students on the Coastal Academy courses learn more than what is covered in lectures, but have the chance to practice creating and giving presentations, using spreadsheets, analysing data and creating graphic materials, all of which are fundamental skills to any young professional.
Impact: The laptop you donate will be used by approximately 50 students per year, to follow lectures, complete assignments and practice important skills that will help each student have a better chance at a successful professional career.

Accomodation and flights for a student from outside Madagascar - ₤500
The Coastal Academy is located in Antsiranana, Madagascar, which, despite being one of the most biodiverse regions of the country, offers no opportunities for students to receive this critical training. However, there are many future environmental leaders from elsewhere in the Western Indian Ocean who are also in need of practical training in coastal ecosystem management and monitoring. By donating ₤500, you will offer one student from another country the unique and invaluable opportunity to attend a Coastal Academy course, allowing them to take the knowledge and skills they have acquired back to help further conservation at home.
Impact: One student will be given the opportunity to fly to Antsiranana and attend a Coastal Academy course, and will be given the materials and skills to return to home and share what they have learned with colleagues, fellow students and friends, helping develop natural resource management capacity in their country.

Hire an external lecturer - ₤500
One major reason for the lack of capacity in the area is the lack of qualified lecturers and academics that are able to teach the theory and practice of environmental management. By sponsoring ₤700, you will enable us to bring in an external lecturer to teach on a Coastal Academy course, which will give students the opportunity to learn from academics with relevant specialisms that they would have no exposure to otherwise. This lecturer may come from a well credited institution elsewhere in Madagascar, or from further afield; nonetheless, it is an incredible chance for students, in terms of their education but also in terms of making strategic contacts in the field and learning about opportunities for further study or employment that would otherwise not be an option.
Impact: This donation will ensure that the 10-15 students on the Coastal Academy course receive the best possible teaching from one or more lecturers that are specialists in relevant fields. It will ensure that the course reaches its full potential and that students really do leave well-equipped to manage Madagascar's most important ecosystems.

Student with certificateSponsor a student - ₤500
The cost of the Coastal Academy course is kept as low as possible to ensure the continued running of the centre. Sponsorship money is reinvested directly back into the centre, helping provide the materials, the teaching, field trips, guest lecturers and all the other aspects that make the Coastal Academy courses unique and invaluable.
Impact: The sponsorship fee will ensure one student is able to follow the Coastal Academy course and benefit from the teaching that is not on offer anywhere else in the area. The student will gain a sound understanding of ecological management which will both help in their future career but will also help ensure the sustainable management of Madagascar's ecosystems and biodiversity.