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How you can help Rufford Small Grants Foundation

There are numerous ways that individuals, schools, groups, Lemurbusinesses and more can help support the Coastal Academy.

Your support, whether financial or material, helps us ensure that the Coastal Academy is able to continue to run and to reach the students who will benefit most from the valuable education on offer.

By donating to the Coastal Academy, you not only help address the huge gaps in training and education in the Western Indian Ocean, giving students an invaluable boost to their career, but also help conserve Madagascar's unique and threatened biodiversity by ensuring that future environmental leaders who will be responsible for managing and safeguarding these valuable ecosystems have the necessary skills and knowledge to make sound, well-informed decisions.

In Madagascar and the Indian Ocean, where local communities are dependent on natural resources for subsistence and income, conservation can only succeed if the people that come from, live in and rely on these ecosystems are able to take responsibility for their protection and management.

For more information on how you can help, please follow the links on the left hand side.