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Advanced Certificate in Tropical Marine and Coastal Ecosystem Management

  Rufford Small Grants Foundation  



Field Trips

There will be various field trips as part of the course in order to allow students the chance to practice the skills they have learnt in the classroom, and to demonstrate different aspects of the course in action. These trips may take students several hours from Diego, into local communities, and will provide points for discussion, comparison and analysis back in the classroom.

Field trips will include:

Mangrove monitoring techniques

Coral Reef monitoring techniques

Seagrass monitoring techniques

Socio-economic monitoring techniques

Visit to a commercial fishery or fish processing plant

Visit to an aquaculture venture

Visit to an ecotourism business

Student examining a seagrass quadrat


Guest Lecturers:

We will also aim to broaden students’ experiences and understanding by inviting in guest lecturers to speak about specialist subjects. Lecturers will come from various parts of Madagascar and even abroad to talk about their areas of expertise. They will be from a diverse range of professional backgrounds; overall the experience is designed to stimulate and inspire students, and give an invaluable insight into the applications and complexities of environmental management in professional fields.

Subjects will include:




Marine Protected Areas

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